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Blair Discount Fashions
Newport News
Hi*Score Arcade
2612 E Pine Street | ph: (206) 860.8839
The young and nostalgic group here to play games from three dozen pinball machines, and over 30 pre-Nintendo era arcade games. Hi*Score Arcade also has 8 tracks, Cabbage Patch Kids, and plenty of books and toys culled from Generation X's childhood.
Madison Market
1600 E Madison Street | ph: (206) 329.1545
Capitol Hill's best source for organic foods is this small market on Madison, offering a full selection of foods, with a large deli, and many vitamins and body care products. The co-op structure allows for superb responsiveness to member needs and desires.
The Coffee Messiah
1554 E. Olive Way [ Capitol Hill ] | ph: (206) 860.7377
With its kitschy religious décor, fresh baked pastries, and open mic nights, Coffee Messiah is a stand-out in an era of sanitized coffee franchises. The epitome of what an independent coffee house should be, Coffee Messiah is the perfect place to wait out the second coming. In need of a true religious experience? Between refills check out the infamous bathroom.
345 15th Ave. E. #103 | ph: (206) 322.3202
With videotapes going the way of cassettes, Revolutions is a look into the media store of the future. Featuring over 3000 DVDs, two-day rentals, and reservations, Revolutions rivals any video store in selection and service. They also repair CDs, DVDs, PlayStation games, and software.
301 E Pine Street
Bauhaus is the Hill's hippest café. The food and coffee is standard café fare, but the stylish ambience sets Bauhaus apart. Upstairs is a lounge-like, couch-furnished space, while the main floor is dark and roomy, and looks towards I-5 and downtown.
319 Pine St. [ Capitol Hill ] | ph: (206) 839.1111
The shoe store of aspiring jet-setters, Edie's deals in urban styles from as far away as Spain and London. Searching for a style seen in a European fashion magazine? Check Edie's first.
Hot Mama's Pizza
700 E Pine Street | ph: (206) 322.6444
Gorgeous New York pizza, cooked in big pizza ovens in a sparsely decorated storefront, is served to a large stream of take-out and delivery customers. The crusts are thin, but laden with big amounts of topping in unique, mouth-watering combinations.

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